High School and Middle School Students! Join us each week at the Veneration HUB, 3455 US 93 S, 6-8pm.  Middle School meets Tuesdays and High School on Wednesdays. Be sure to download a calendar to see all of our upcoming events, and if you have any questions, you can reach out to


Raul loves Jesus and has been a pastor for over 18 years! From church planter, to campus pastor, to now the Student and Young Adult pastor here at Veneration Church. He is passionate about the next generation and their need to have Jesus as their Lord and Savior! His soulful, youthful, and compassionate attitude helps create an environment for students to feel welcomed and loved. It’s time to empower the next generation to use their gifts, skills and talents to give Glory to God.

Side note: He loves tacos, large brimmed hats, baseball caps and anything Marvel and Star Wars & of course The Office!